Are you are a Soulful High Achieving Woman Entrepreneur who

wants to add meaning, purpose & personal fulfillment to your life?

Without sacrificing your success?

You know that you are meant for more and there is more to life than this - even if you do love your business!
  • Somehow you lost yourself on your way to success and now you are secretly afraid of living a wasted life, lacking meaning and purpose?

  • You are ready to unapologetically live 100% who you really are, making your bigger dreams come true and rising to YOUR highest vision?

  • You know something inside of you wants to be kissed awake so that you can live an "unlimited life" with the help of Higher Powers?

7 Soulful Questions

To Uncover Your Hidden Superpower

For High Achieving Woman

*It only takes 2 minutes & it´s free!

Meet Patricia

Patricia is a Modern Mystic Shaman,
Feminine Leadership Alchemist
and Board Certified Psychotherapy Practitioner.
She is also host of the EVA-Shift Summit
and co host of the upcoming TV talkshow
"The Spirit of The Feminine"
She specializes in guiding high achieving soulful women entrepreneurs to unleash their full potential and sacred gift, so that they can

embody their best self, living who they really are,
making their bigger dreams come true
and adding deepest fulfillment to their material success.

Finally dropping old programming that made life hard for way too long.
Since 2006 Patricia has guided hundreds of women from all over the world to transcend societal limitations and conditionings and healing the feminine wound.

Empowering them to create success on their own terms without stress but by tapping into the creative forces of higher powers.
Her proprietary EVA-Shifting-Formula™
is easy to apply to modern day life.
The essence of four decades of experience:
rooted in ancient wisdom, backed by science.

It caters specifically to how women are wired and makes it easy for them to own their natural feminine power so that they can enjoy success and fulfillment with effortless ease.
Patricia’s vision:

A world full of liberated heart centered feminine leaders, acting from women’s wisdom to create the changes that are so badly needed in today’s world.

In her leisure time you can find her in the gym, in nature, studying our enjoying life with loved ones.

What clients say


I loved my successful business. Yet I felt like living a wasted life that lacked meaning...after working with Patricia I unfolded parts of me I always was afraid to show...ever since every day is filled with purpose. Even my business up leveled although I work less. Things flow. I would never have thought that this is possible for me


Working in a male dominated niche I was used to hide my "special gift" as a highly spiritual woman. With Patricia´s help I was able to unapologetically step into my feminine power, own and embrace my gift. I finally live 100% who I really am. I never felt this good and confident. And the funny thing is: the men I wok with respect me more than ever before.


My life was running on autopilot before I worked I took the women unlimited program with Patricia. And I even didn’t know...I was just sick of running the same circles, hitting the same glass ceilings over and over again. Struggling with perfectionism and procrastination while building my success. During the program I was able to gracefully let go of the old programming, implementing supporting beliefs that nourish my entire being.

I highly recommend working with Patricia if you want to take your life AND your business to another dimension!

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